Develop, validate and demonstrate an adaptable laser process head

ModuLase aims to develop, validate & demonstrate a rapidly re-configurable laser process head that:
- Is capable of welding, cladding and cutting, through the use of three modular end-effectors
- Includes intelligent sensor technologies for in-process monitoring
- Is linked to an intelligent system, in order to achieve adaptive process control, quality assurance, and semi-automated process parameter configuration.

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Modulase News

MODULASE 12th month meeting

ModuLase is at month 12 from 36, and it is amazing the amount of work our consortium have developed by now! During the meeting (September, 12-13), we have reviewed the work done since our last meeting. The three top parts of the project were discussed: the end-effector design and manufacture, the beam forming unit and the Quality assurance system and how the three will come together. We are already focusing our attention also on the business plan, a core part of the project regarding exploitation.

If you are interested in our project, get in contact with us! Click the contact button and send us a message. As soon as possible our project coordinator will be in touch with you.

MODULASE 6th month meeting

MODULASE 6th month meeting took place at ULO Optics facilities, in Stevenage (UK), on the 28th February and 1st of March, where all the partners were present. During the first day of the meeting a review of actions from the previous meeting was made. Every partner prepared a presentation of their involvement in the project, the work carried out during the first six months, actions to be implement and work distribution.
In the second day, the topics covered all the technical discussions needed, regarding work packages (WP) 1 to 4. By far the project development goes as planned and the next meeting was scheduled to take place in Portugal, during September 2017.

If you are interested to become part of the commercial application of the project's results don’t hesitate to contact us.

First step: Kick off meeting

Between 15th and 16th of November the kick off meeting of the project took place in Cambridge, UK and it was organised by the project coordinator, TWI. Each of the partners gave a presentation covering their background, contribution to and expected role in the project.
Topics such as the project management and overview (objectives, approach and concept) were on the agenda. During this first project meeting the plan of actions for the next 6th months was established for all work packages.
The next meeting is scheduled for 28th of February and 1st of March 2017 and it will be organized by ULO Optics.